Welcome to Eye AI


This is the data catalog for the USC AI/Opthomology Project.


Eye-AI is a closed environment. Users need to belong to one of the following groups to access Eye-AI data appropriately. Please follow the instructions below to join a group. Click the groups you want to join.
  1. The Globus application will ask you to login. Please login with one of the following IDs. This login will be used later to access the system.
    • University ID (e.g. USC ID)
    • Globus ID. Create a GlobusID here.
    • ORCID ID
    • Google ID
  2. Click “Join this group” to initiate a request to us. You will get a notification once your request is approved.


  1. Navigate to the main page for the site.
  2. On the navigation bar, click “Log in” to login.
  3. Login to the system using the same ID that you used when joined the GLOBUS groups (above).
  4. Once you are logged in, use the navigation bar to browse DERIVA catalog data.

How-to documents